Into The Blue

Bolsover Cruise Club / Editorial Content

When working as the Luxury Marketing & Acquisition Specialist at Bolsover Cruise Club, the largest independent cruise travel agent in the UK, I was responsible for developing an entirely new area of the business. A hugely successful endeavour that saw me taking a tiny luxury segment and growing it to establish the business as a regular contender for market share with some of the world’s most renowned luxury cruise lines.

In the process of creating this focus and growth, I proudly designed, developed and implemented two highly successful editorial-led email campaigns with a reach of almost 90,000 recipients, joined several luxury ships and demonstrated my writing capabilities when producing detailed blog content and editorial copy for the cruise travel magazine 'Into The Blue'

The Luxury Edit / Weekly Email Campaign


Every other week I would contact cruise operators for a contending spot on The Luxury Edit email campaign, research destinations and analyse ship information before compiling and copywriting the content. This email was aimed at top spenders and received by over 40,000 recipients - so I was meticulous in incorporating the right tone of voice and exclusivity into each sales piece.

The Luxury Editorial / Fortnightly Email Campaign


Each month 90,000 members from the Bolsover Cruise Club database would receive The Luxury Editorial - an email and dedicated blog with in-the-know details about luxury cruising. I tailored and tweaked the theme each time whilst keeping a close eye on travel trends, new ships or simply set out to provide luxury cruising tips and guides.

Into The Blue Magazine Content 


Bolsover Cruise Club's bi-monthly magazine Into The Blue is sent directly to the households of the 90,000+ recipients on the database along with having prime placement in cruise terminals across the United Kingdom. After spending time on board Seven Seas Splendor, I compiled my notes and set out to produce a 4-page spread for a dedicated luxury edition of the magazine. It was absolutely incredible to later discover that customers had since booked holidays onboard this ship after reading of my amazing experience.